The Creative Science process consistently produces phenomenal digital products that your users will love. Every solution we produce incorporates world-class design and cutting-edge technology. But, what makes us uniquely successful is our fusion of design and technology with our application of behavioral science.

Before the first line of code is written or the first sketch of design, our team applies decades of experience in behavioral science to understand what drives user behavior. We then test these insights using our proprietary methodology – preventing costly miscalculations from being included in design and development – to launch a full-blown, validated product to market.

Our work doesn’t end there. When the solution meets the real-world, our scientists go back to work. Collected data is used to consistently fine-tune the solution to deliver the exact outcomes you desire.

World-class projects aren’t just built. They’re created through science – Creative Science.


We begin by collecting extensive SAY data. This is the subjective information collected from users through various ethnographic methodologies, often rationalizations for why they did something or what they’ll do in the future. While insightful, SAY data often only tells a small part of the story.

Users SAY one thing, but DO something completely different. To move beyond the SAY data, we grab DO data through heat maps, analytic tools, RTCs, and various quantitative studies to understand user decision making.

We dig deep into academic literature and our behavioral bias database to create the WHY data – explaining the disconnect between the SAY and the DO data. The WHY data unlocks insights users aren’t telling us and provides a foundation for product ideation and solutions.

We then test our approaches with real users to validate our hypotheses and fine-tune from there.

Get Smart

We conduct both internal and external qualitative and quantitative research to paint a vivid picture of your users, complete with an understanding of cognitive, social, and emotional drivers of their behavior, as well as an audit of the current state of your venture.


Based on our behavioral insights, we identify viable opportunities to scale your impact, convert, and retain more users ranging from feature insights to brand new product features and ideas.


We then launch prototypes in market quickly and follow the data, validating what works and areas of opportunity to iterate and strategize a path forward towards ongoing success.


We use our validated insights and data in conjunction with best-in-class technology to design and develop the conception to a full-blown, in-the-market product.


We humanize digital experiences through our award-winning design and UX skills. The websites and products we build are beautiful to look at, a joy to use, and scale right alongside your users.


Our full in-house development team brings the validated, beautifully designed experience to life with today’s latest technology stacks.


After rigorous QA is complete, we launch our websites and products ready for scale.


Your product is a living, breathing thing and needs to be continuously optimized. Whether its technical support or continuing to enhance parts of the product, we’re here every step of the way to fine-tune the experience and maximize customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.


Post launch we continue to monitor our solutions – pinpointing areas for optimization.


Based on performance, we recommend behaviorally-informed modifications.


We then split test these modifications against a control ensuring improvements are driving the intended performance metrics.