The elephant rider may know what he wants, and he may even make take steps to make it happen, but ultimately, he can’t control what the elephant will do. The rider is our Say Data—the feedback from surveys, focus groups, and interviews that captures the preferences that exist within the conscious awareness of your users.
Even if the elephant rider wants to move forward, the elephant has final say over where to go. The elephant is our Do Data—the data captured in regards to users’ actual behavior when engaging with a product or platform.
When the Say and Do fail to align, the disconnect provides a foundation for the Why. We use insights from behavioral economics to understand the social, emotional, and cognitive factors that explain why this disconnect exists. By reducing the challenge to it's behavioral root, we can solve it from the ground up.


We believe in the value of theoretical solutions, but only insofar as they inform action. Understanding your users' behaviors is half the battle, the other half is knowing what to do about it. Each Base Behavioral Model (“BBM”) contains the following deliverables:

The Advantages of a

Never Start From Scratch.

A BBM provides evidence to back up intuition. A foundation of informed assumptions cuts out backtracking, guessing, and headaches while driving concept ideation, creation and testing.

Expand Your Horizons

A BBM provides creators with a framework upon which to dream up brand new, outside-of-the-box concepts. These concepts have a higher likelihood of success since they’re built on an understanding of human behavior. Furthermore, the same BBM can help drive product, marketing, and communication strategies later on.

Extrapolate Insights to Tackle Future Challenges

While context plays a significant role in how our behavior manifests, the underlying mechanisms remain constant. Even if you run into unprecedented problems later on, you can refer back to the same BBM to find clues to identify the mechanism driving those behaviors.