Decoding the Why
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“In this fabulous book, Nate Andorsky explains the often invisible, yet powerful, forces uncovered by behavioral science which may be the last great hope of transformation in a business world which finds itself ever more deeply stuck in the same rut.”

Rory Sutherland
Vice Chairman, Ogilvy

“Nate Andorsky’s book is a powerful tool for integrating behavioral science into product design. By Decoding the Why, we can build better products and better lives.”

Nir Eyal
bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable

“Why. It’s one of the first words we learn and yet somehow as adults, we forget how powerful and important it is. The only way to design products people love is to understand and decode the why. Nate’s book is a practical guide on how to get at the why and deliver the outcomes people really want.”

Scott Case
CEO & Co-Founder, Upside Business Travel


Decoding the Why is a story-driven exploration on how companies can build, scale, and optimize new products and revenue streams leveraging behavioral science.

Through engaging anecdotes, compelling experimental findings, and exclusive insight from trailblazers in behavioral product design, Nate Andorsky uncovers why so many new product and revenue initiatives fail to live up to their potential.

Technology has driven progress for decades, and industries have reacted accordingly by dedicating enormous amounts of time and resources to progress in this domain by building bigger, faster, and more sophisticated systems. But what if the key to unlocking the potential of your venture is not simply faster, better technology, but rather an understanding of what drives human behavior?

In Decoding the Why, readers will learn:

  • How to navigate a rapidly changing COVID19 world
  • Why the majority of new product and revenue ideas never gain traction
  • The key for ideating and prioritizing your product roadmap 
  • A risk-reducing approach to building and scaling new product and revenue ideas
  • To maximize user conversions, acquisition, and retention KPIs through behavioral science
  • The critical missing piece of data most companies overlook during a digital transformation

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#1 New release in Web Design