Define the Problem

This is our information gathering phase. We learn everything we can about your product or service to determine the key bottlenecks that restrict your potential. Who are you targeting, what do you want them to do, and why aren’t they doing it? Once we understand the problem, we can begin to solve it.

Behavioral Diagnostic

Our behavioral diagnostic is a two-step process. First, we dig deeper into the surface level bottlenecks that you are experiencing to identify the behavioral drivers behind them. Based on our findings, we use our extensive literature base to map these drivers onto behaviorally informed interventions.

Concept Creation

Based on the conclusions from our Behavioral Diagnostic, we develop low fidelity mock-ups for each of our proposed interventions. These are intentionally minimalistic designs so that we can confidently attribute their success to the behavioral intervention.

Conduct Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs)

Everything we do is based in our robust scientific methodology. We test all of our proposed interventions while holding all other environmental factors constant to objectively evaluate their effectiveness.

Design, Development & Live Implementation

Based on the results of our RCT, we combine and adapt the most effective interventions into high fidelity designs. We then implement these designs into a live user environment.

A/B Testing

Our scientific process doesn’t stop once we go live. We A/B test our finalized designs with actual users to make sure that our implementation is behaviorally optimal when combined with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Analysis & Refinement

Driven by the results of our A/B tests, we will continue to iterate through these last two steps in an effort to optimize conversions and user engagement.