that today’s dreamers are tomorrow’s change-makers.
We are on a mission to equip them with technology that empowers them to grow movements, reach new heights and enact lasting change. However, even the most sophisticated technology can fall short if it isn’t built upon an understanding of how humans make decisions.



all of our creations are rooted in Behavioral Economics – the study of human decision making. We leverage these science-backed theories to bridge the gap between the human and the digital world, allowing us to provide change-makers with the tools they need to dream bigger.


  • Nate Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
  • Will Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Josh Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Creative Scientists

  • Janine Digital Producer
  • Allison Marketing Manager
  • Manny Lead Designer
  • Rob Development Director
  • Mo Designer
  • Dzoara Designer
  • Fernando Quality Assurance
  • Marco Back End Developer
  • Diego Full Stack Developer
  • Nelson Full Stack Developer
  • Monika Finance Manager
  • John Client Engagement
  • Jess Front End Developer
  • Caleb Lead Developer
  • Yannick Front End Developer
  • Franc Back End Developer
  • DJ Full Stack Developer
  • Alan Project Assistant
  • Saul Quality Assurance
  • Thomas Behavioral Economist