Behavioral Science Workshops

Garner an understanding of Behavioral Science and its power.

Apply newfound knowledge to real world problems.

A pathway for continued learning.

What You’ll Learn

BeSci + Product Design

  • How can behavioral science be applied to product design?
  • What is the difference between UX design and behavioral science?
  • How can behavioral science drive product and feature ideation?
  • How can behavioral science uncover hidden user insights?

BeSci + HCD

  • How can behavioral science enhance our existing research?
  • How can behavioral science help me better understand my users?
  • How does behavioral science intersect with HCD, design thinking, and other common innovation methods?

BeSci + Data

  • How does behavioral science intersect with data science?
  • How can I use existing qualitative and quantitative data to uncover behavioral insights?

What You’ll Walk Away With

BeSci Knowledge

A crash course on behavioral science and how it can be applied to product marketing and design.

New Ways of Thinking

The knowledge from the workshop extends beyond the time we spend together. Your team will walk away with a new way of framing and approaching problems and how they think about their users.

Ideas to Test

Put the new ideas to test. At the conclusion of the workshop, your team will be armed with ideas they can start testing right away.

Interested in working together?

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