6 Campaign Landing Page Must-Haves for Nonprofits

by csladmin


Your campaign landing page: it’s where new visitors learn more about your cause, the leading portal for the donations you’ll collect, and the foundation of your campaign.

In other words, it’s one of the most important pages you’ll ever create! When a landing page is done well, it should serve as a one-stop shop for information, emotional connection for supporters, and secure contributions.

When you consider the importance of campaign landing pages and the competition out there for donated funds, it’s clear that you can’t afford to launch a sub-par landing page.

With that in mind, here’s how to make yours more impactful:

6 Tricks to Take Your Campaign Landing Page to the Next Level

Whether you’re a new NPO or an established organization looking for ways to improve the campaign landing pages you create, these six tips will help you launch your landing pages to new places:

1. Create a Sense of Urgency

Whether it’s is about the cause (hurricane survivors who need water, for example) or the deadline for collections, creating a sense of urgency makes people more likely to act.

While there are dozens of ways to create urgency on a landing page, some of the most common tactics include offering limited sponsorships, naming opportunities, or timelines. A website design firm experienced with NPOs can help you add things like this to your page, and keep them running.

2. Make the Most of Anchoring

Anchoring, also known as focalism, is a behavioral bias within which people focus on the first piece of information they receive.

To boost the effectiveness of your landing pages, utilize focalism to communicate the real value of donations or the services you provide. This tactic can also be useful in arranging donation amounts or packages.

3. Harness Reciprocity

Reciprocity is the practice of exchanging things with other people for mutual benefit. In other words, it means offering something in return for donations to your cause. In addition to driving more contributions, this can also ease the “pain” of donating, since people feel like they’re purchasing something, rather than giving money away outright.

When people give, they receive – this is the theory of reciprocity

4. Utilize Familiarity

People develop preferences for things just because they’re exposed to them (this is called mere exposure theory).

With this in mind, understand your target audience and make the most of the familiarity principle.

When you’re designing landing pages for people who are already familiar with and dedicated to your cause, rather than complete strangers, you stand a better chance of driving donations and enjoying positive outcomes.

5. Create Identifiable Victims

The identifiable victim effect (the idea that people are more sympathetic to “victims” they know or can relate to) piggybacks on mere exposure theory.

With this in mind, make your victims identifiable and visible. Add pictures, videos, testimonials, and other content to your landing page to increase connection and educate your supporters about the population they’re helping, and the difference their contributions make.

6. Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon wherein people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior in a given situation. As you build your nonprofit landing pages, provide confidence-boosting social proof by listing your sponsors, providing sponsor reviews, showcasing how much you’ve raised so far, and more.

In addition to helping supporters feel more confident, social proof is also a fantastic way to showcase the progress of your cause and keep people updated about the change you’re creating.

Creating a Better Campaign Landing Page

Your campaign landing page is one of the most essential tools in your marketing quiver. Today, it’s not enough to just create landing pages, though. If you want to stand out and drive the results you want, you’ve got to be intentional about the process, and take everything from behavioral economics to consumer preferences into account.

While there are many ways to develop a campaign landing page, keeping these six “must-haves” in mind will guide you toward a page that’s both effective and user-centric. This, in turn, makes it easier to collect the donations your organization needs, and earn the supporters required to keep growing, year after year.

Looking for a professional organization to help you create your campaign landing page? Contact Creative Science Labs today for information about our NPO web design services, and more.


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