Working with Millennials: Why You Need Millennials At Your Nonprofit

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Nonprofits serve dozens of important purposes. By driving essential causes and promoting social change, nonprofits make the world a better place to live and help bring important issues to light. If NPOs want to remain creative and agile, though, they need to bring in employees and volunteers that support that mission. This is where hiring and working with millennials become essential.

In addition to keeping your organization flexible, hiring young people can improve your ability to connect with and relate to similar organizations.

Here are just a few reasons to bring these critical employees onto your team.

Working with Millennials: 5 Reasons to Hire Millennials at Your Nonprofit

Whether you’re in pursuit of more creativity or just want to remain on the cutting edge of the digital world, hiring millennials is an excellent idea. Here are five reasons why:

1. Millennials Can Offer A Fresh Perspective 

Uniquely creative and adaptable, millennials are a fantastic resource for any organization that needs a fresh outlook on its daily and monthly duties.

In addition to helping you attract younger donors and volunteers, millennials can also just alter your workplace and create a new way of thinking, which your organization may need.

What’s more, there is nobody who can help you reach millennials better than millennials themselves, and having them onboard is a fantastic way to overhaul your marketing, advertising, and communication strategies.

Millennials are especially good at overhauling a company’s digital landscape and ensuring it meets the needs of mobile-loving millennials and their cohorts.

By streamlining your website or building a donation app, you can change the way your NPO operates forever. You’ll also make it much easier to raise funds throughout the year.

2. Technology Familiarity

Millennials are tech-natives. Most of them practically grew up with a smartphone in their hand, and a social media handle on their lips.

It goes without saying that this can be a significant boon for your nonprofit. In a world that is increasingly digital, having a team with sharp and honed web skills is a significant perk.

If you’re looking for a way to expand your giving platform, streamline your advertising or marketing, or enhance your social media presence, millennials are a fantastic group to turn to.

What’s more, millennials can use their creativity to help you come up with new digital strategies and ensure you’re offering the things your supporters need and want from your organization.

3. Improved Culture

Millennials have high standards for their workplaces, and bringing a few onto your team can work wonders to drive your culture forward.

Socially progressive, concerned with equality, and dedicated to making the world a better place, millennials create dynamic and creative work environments.

Additionally, since the millennial generation is an incredibly diverse one, hiring millennials for your NPO will create a melting pot of ideas, perspectives, and outlooks that can do great things for your company.

4. Continuity 

Millennials are young, and many are just entering the workforce. This is a major perk for NPOs.

As your older volunteers or employees retire or move on, millennials can work their way up in the ranks and be promoted from within.

This, in turn, creates a sense of continuity and stability that can help your organization reach its goals and become more agile than ever before.

5. Increased Performance 

According to recent research, having a team made up of people from different generations and backgrounds creates an extensive knowledge base that organizations can benefit from.

This, in turn, boosts your NPO’s performance and ensures your team can handle even the most complex tasks and asks.

The key to making it work in your favor is to allow age diversity to occur rather than inadvertently creating silos, wherein only certain employees work together.

Want A More Productive NPO? Hire Millennials.  

While hiring millennials can be a scary prospect, bringing them onto your team can do great things for your company.

In addition to making you more flexible and agile, bringing millennials in can shift your perspective, allow you to connect with younger supporters, and keep you on the cutting edge of the social world.

Looking for a smart way to evolve your organization?

Contact Creative Science today to learn more about our digital offerings and partnerships!


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