Bringing Data to Life

Effectively visualizing a highly complex, interconnected, and ever-changing impact investing ecosystem.

The Challenge

The Case Foundation, in partnership with Crunchbase and ImpactSpace, were exploring ways to pull back the curtain and show the activity that’s driving Impact Investing.

They sought to illustrate the connections between investors, companies, and funds within Impact Investing out of the belief that bringing the connections between investors and companies to life will foster a better understanding of the size, breadth, and depth of the impact investing ecosystem.


The Case Foundation and Creative Science, along with a number of other partners, worked hand-in-hand to take this idea and make it a reality.


The Network Map brings the connections within the impact space to life – emphasizing the field’s potential, breaking down information barriers, and creating the necessary entry points for all.

Fast Company Finalist

for their World Changing Ideas competition.

Live API Feeds

of numerous data sources.

Robust Search & Filter

capabilities in real time.

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