Connecting a Community of Helpers

Fostering a resilient community of helpers through access to each other and the resources they need.


Autism Speaks faced several key challenges without an online community platform. These included limited reach beyond their immediate network, difficulty in organizing and managing community events, limited opportunities for collaboration, limited resource-sharing, and lack of engagement from members. These challenges resulted in missed opportunities to expand their support base, connect with potential members and supporters, and share resources related to autism support and advocacy. Additionally, Autism Speaks lacked a centralized online platform for their community to connect, including families, doctors, caregivers, and others. Having an online community platform would have enabled them to overcome these challenges and better fulfill their mission to support individuals with autism and their families.


Our strategic and technical considerations had to move in lock-step with one another as the creation, implementation, and deployment of the ideal platform had multiple internal technical dependencies to account for.


Implementing an online community platform has helped Autism Speaks overcome many of the challenges they previously faced. The platform has provided a means for them to connect with a wider audience, expand their support base, and share resources related to autism advocacy and support more easily. With the online platform, they can better organize and manage community events, collaborate more effectively with members, and engage their community more deeply. Furthermore, the platform has provided a centralized location for members to exchange ideas and support each other, including families, doctors, caregivers, and others. Overall, the online community platform has allowed Autism Speaks to fulfill its mission more effectively and better serve individuals with autism and their families.

The platform is such a success that Autism Speak Canada has decided to leverage the technology and is in the process of launching their own version of the portal.

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