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PMI operated on a membership-model, largely centered around certifications and professional education credits, that was beginning to lose steam. To maintain relevance in the field, PMI embarked on a mission to search for the next relevant aspects of Project Management in order to introduce innovative and revenue-generating micro-solutions that allow users to unlock potential and growth in their careers.

PMI engaged Peer Insight to help them test, iterate, and validate two new products – one of which was Navigator. While Peer Insight conducted their user research, we worked with them to bring PMI into the new generation.


Our team worked in conjunction with PMI and a partner agency, Peer Insight, to quickly develop and deploy Navigator. 


A dynamic digital experience that provides a tailored experience to each user.

300+ sign ups

from the testing period.

PMI has nearly

> 2,500 paying users today.

60% of users

persist through a ~20 minute long on-boarding assessment.

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