A Next Generation Education Platform

Creative Science partnered with PI and PMI to create Navigator, a next-generation educational platform for project managers. We used user research and user-centric design to create an engaging and comprehensive platform that can be tailored to individual needs.


The challenge is to develop and implement a comprehensive educational platform that meets the unique needs and preferences of project managers, provides personalized learning paths, and incorporates interactive elements while being intuitive, engaging, and effective. Additionally, the platform must be validated through extensive testing with real users to ensure its effectiveness and usability.

Types of Project Management: Methodologies, Industries, and More | Coursera


We are thrilled to have partnered with PI and PMI to create a cutting-edge educational platform for the next generation of project managers. Through a collaborative effort, we were able to leverage user research, user-centric design, and prototyping to define and validate the Navigator educational platform.

Our user research process allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the unique challenges and educational needs of project managers. We conducted extensive interviews and surveys with project managers at different career stages, gathering insights into their preferences and pain points. These insights were then used to inform the design of the educational platform, ensuring that it would be effective and engaging for its users.

Using a user-centric design approach, we created a platform that was intuitive, interactive, and personalized. We developed a user-friendly interface that allowed project managers to easily navigate and access educational resources. We also included personalized learning paths and interactive elements that enabled users to tailor their educational experience to their specific needs and preferences.

To ensure the effectiveness of the platform, we extensively prototyped and tested it with real users. This allowed us to refine the design and user experience based on feedback and validation from actual project managers. As a result, the final Navigator platform is a comprehensive and effective educational resource designed specifically to help project managers succeed in their careers.

We are proud of our partnership with PI and PMI and of the educational platform we have created together. The Navigator platform is designed to educate and empower the next generation of project managers, providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles. We are excited to see the positive impact this platform will have on the project management industry and on the careers of those who use it.


The Navigator platform provides personalized learning paths, incorporates interactive elements, and is intuitive, engaging, and effective. We extensively tested the platform with real users, ensuring its effectiveness and usability. The platform has increased project managers’ knowledge and skills and has resulted in improved project outcomes. The personalized learning paths and interactive elements have made the learning experience more engaging and efficient, resulting in a higher rate of completion. Overall, PMI’s new educational platform has helped project managers stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and practices, leading to greater success in their projects.

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60% of users

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