A New Way to Innovate

Teaching behavioral science principles and stretch-thinking frameworks for better innovation.


Rocket Mortgage was seeking better ways to innovate and drive ideation for product design. In order to give them a real-world application to apply their takeaways in real-time, our workshop focused primarily on optimizing their onboarding user-flow for the application process of a new loan.


We created a virtual, hands-on behavioral science workshop that provided the Rocket Mortgage team members with an opportunity to unpack the latest in behavioral science and map out steps to integrate it into their day-to-day work.


The Rocket Mortgage team walked away with ideas to enhance their onboarding experience, new ways to innovate, and a new way of thinking when approaching problems.

The team continues to integrate the behavioral science principles learned during the workshop in their work today.

“Thank you for the organized approach, interaction and steps making the 2 hours fly by. I think there was a lot that will spark innovation and also create new opportunities for our team to collaborate.” – Participant

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