Maximizing Conversions With a Behavioral First Approach

A behaviorally informed approach to increase the number of applicants to St. George’s University Medical School.


While the SGU site drove high traffic, visitors were falling through the funnel prior to converting. With landing pages performing sub-optimally them team made modifications to improve performance – modifying copy, moving buttons and swapping page elements but nothing seemed to move the needle.

St George’s University brought our team in to first diagnose user behavior and then build a compelling landing page experience that achieved SGU’s KPIs.


We dove deep to understand the biases at play, test our approach off platform and then split test the in a live environment verifying performance.


We designed and deployed the full landing page experience. Today, our research findings are being deployed through other points throughout the student journey.

One of their team members noted that this page was their best performing landing page ever.

+ $255 million

in potential lead revenue per year.

31.25% increase

in page conversions.

29.31% increase

in time spent on the page.

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